Total Shareholders’ Club

The purpose of the Shareholders’ Club is to forge closer ties between Total and its shareholders, by improving shareholders' knowledge of Total and its activities.

Each year, the Club organizes approximately 30 events attended by 3,000 members. Visit our industrial sites and those of our partners. Attend conferences dedicated to Total and its environment. Receive invitations to discover cultural events and natural sites sponsored by the Total Foundation.

As a member of the Club, you regularly receive information: the Shareholders’ Newsletter, the Shareholders’ Club Program, the Webzine, etc.


Subscribe to the Shareholders’ Club

As a shareholder of the Total Group, you can join the Club if you hold:

  • at least 100 bearer shares or at least 50 registered shares,
  • an e-mail address.

There is no membership fee.
Terms of the Shareholders' Club (pdf – 209 KB)

If you hold shares, mail or e-mail the attached membership application form to:
Total -  Adhésion Cercle des Actionnaires
2 place Jean Millier - La Défense 6
92078 Paris-La Défense Cedex



You can also join us by calling the toll-free number 0 800 039 039 (from France only).
Callers from abroad should dial +33 (0) 1 47 44 24 02 and callers from North America should call (011 331) 47 44 24 02.