We Are a Global Energy Leader

Total is a top-tier international oil company and a world-class natural gas operator, petrochemical producer and solar energy provider. As one of the few global companies integrated across the energy value chain, we are able to effectively meet the expectations of our end customers and keep pace with trends in supply and demand.

We leverage our globally recognized technological expertise, especially in the areas of seismic imaging, the deep offshore and complex gas, to stand out from our competitors.

Our strengths are our commitment to corporate social responsibility, our ability to respond to the needs of producing countries and our vision of shared economic development.

We also have a proven track record in managing large projects and significant financing capabilities.

Our organization is based on an integrated model that promotes synergies among our businesses, which are grouped in three segments.



Our Upstream segment covers oil exploration and production and activities related to natural gas. It comprises two divisions:

  • Exploration & Production, with operations in more than 40 countries. Its activities enable us to replace and produce our oil and gas reserves safely.
  • Gas & Power, which is focused on unlocking the value of our natural gas, liquefied natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas resources. Its activities also include power generation.

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Refining & Chemicals

Our Refining & Chemicals segment encompasses our:

  • Refining, petrochemical and specialty chemical activities, grouped within the Refining & Chemicals Division.
  • Trading & Shipping Division.

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Marketing & Services

Our Marketing & Services segment is organized into two divisions: 

  • Marketing & Services, which manages the supply and marketing of petroleum products. Its activities span service stations, general retail sale of transportation fuel, fuel oil, oil and lubricants, LPG and asphalt.
  • New Energies, which is responsible for developing solar and biomass, the renewable energies we have chosen to support oil and natural gas as we prepare for the energy future.

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