Employee Shareholders

At June 30, 2015, the Group’s employees (*) held 4.94% of the capital


Total is pursuing its employee shareholding development policy in order to associate its employees to the Group‘s performances and to increase their participation to its capital.

Thus, the Group regularly carries out shareholding operations to offer its employees the opportunity to purchase TOTAL shares under preferential conditions. These plans are launched in all Total host countries where it is possible, given the local legal and administrative restrictions.

In 2015, Total launched a capital increase reserved for employees, 42 000 subscribers for a maximum of 18 million shares at a subscription price of 37.50 €. More than 100 000 employees from more than 100 countries had the opportunity to acquire Total shares under preferential terms. Total had decided to maintain formula Capital + in all countries where it was possible (90 000 employees from 57 countries).

Furthermore, the worldwide free share plan implemented by Total in 2010 gave the possibility to more than 100,000 employees in 124 countries to received rights to 25 shares to become a shareholder of Total**.

In addition, the Group also wishes to motivate and encourage the loyalty of its employees based on individual performances. In 2014, approximately 10,000 employees, all categories of staff, were beneficiaries of the performance share grant plan.

* On the basis of the definition of employee shareholding contained in article L. 225-102 of the French Commercial Code
** At the end of a two or four years vesting period (depending on the countries) and subject to a presence condition of the beneficiary

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