Being a Total Shareholder

You are the shareholder of an integrated oil and gas company listed worldwide, a top retailer in Western Europe and number one in Africa, and a top-tier chemical producer.

As a Total shareholder, you are not only a shareholder in the largest market capitalization on the Paris Stock Exchange and the Euro zone*, but also in a company committed to achieving the best possible industrial and financial performance with strong requirements for safety, protection of the environment and, more broadly, a social commitment commensurate with our first-class industrial company position. Total is willing to maintain our community-support actions in every country where we operate. For instance, a €50 million solidarity fund dedicated to helping young people accessing the labor market and fighting social exclusion has recently been created.

Strengthening relationships with individual and future shareholders is our priority.

Total is interested in what its shareholders have to say and has created many opportunities for interaction and communication with the Company. These include the Annual Shareholders' Meeting, the Consultative Shareholders Committee, visits of industrial facilities, shareholder meetings organized in regional cities, conferences and various cultural events which Total collaborates on.

* Based on market capitalization at year-end 2010