Atotech: Advanced solutions for electronics and surface finishing

Atotech Le savoir-faire Atotech

Atotech, a Group affiliate since 2000, develops specialty chemicals for processes and equipment used in electronics and surface finishing. Backed by 100 years of experience, it designs tailored solutions for parts manufacturers while pursuing its ongoing commitment to technological and sustainable development.

Tailored solutions for the electronics industry

Our Atotech affiliate provides a complete line of products, high-tech materials and local services adapted to the electronics industry. Its expertise also covers a range of industries, such as automotive, consumer electronics, aerospace and medical.

Solutions for surface finishing

Atotech has recognized surface finishing expertise in a broad range of industries from automotive, aerospace and construction to communications, furniture, plumbing and sanitary equipment. In each of these industries, Atotech works to improve the appearance and durability of your surfaces.


High-quality products to protect electronic materials

Atotech offers surface protection solutions for printed circuit boards, including high-quality coatings intended primarily for the Asian market.






Recognized expertise in semiconductor technology

From the metallization of “wafers” (thin disks) to integrating printed circuit board components, our affiliate Atotech supports semiconductor production at every stage.