Our natural gas solutions for businesses

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As a natural gas supplier to businesses for the past 60 years, we understand your operations and requirements. As an integrated company, we leverage our expertise and knowledge in natural gas to serve you more effectively. We aim to secure your gas supply so you can focus on developing your core business.

Our reliability and expertise make us your trusted partner

For many businesses, gas is vital to their operations. At Total, we understand your need to find a reliable supplier who is always available to assist you whenever necessary.

By choosing Total as your natural gas supplier, you benefit from the expertise and advantages of a major energy group. As an integrated company, we are active at every link in the gas value chain, from production and delivery to trading and shipping. Our expertise in natural gas trading enables us to make sure you benefit from the best market conditions.  

Supplying natural gas to businesses for over 60 years

Our tailored natural gas solutions for professionals and businesses


We fully understand your businesses, needs and budget constraints. Whether you are an entrepreneur, commercial or industrial firm, public institution or municipality, we make every effort to help you lower your energy bills and cushion the impact of price fluctuations.
You can count on us to deliver a contract suited to your needs and to provide quality customer support when and where you need it.

  • Do you need to optimize your natural gas consumption? Our “no commitment” offer guarantees a fixed price through the full duration of your contract and for all your sites. You can switch to an indexed price at any time.
  • Do you know exactly how much natural gas you consume? Is your consumption related primarily to your operations? Our “with commitment” offer gives you the choice between a fixed price, to optimize your budget, and an indexed price, to take advantage of market opportunities. 

Our business services: Transparency and energy efficiency

As a trusted supplier, we offer a complete line of services to better manage your energy efficiency. Our services enable you to:

  1. Monitor your consumption through daily or monthly reports and create alerts when consumption levels approach minimum and maximum thresholds.
  2. Maximize the value of your purchasing decisions by accessing the latest market news available in your customer space.
  3. Access electronic invoices, consumption history, contractual documents and technical details for your sites online.
  4. Optimize your facilities using our energy diagnostics, which help you identify areas of improvement and set up action plans.

All of these e-services and many more can be accessed 24/7 in your dedicated online space. 

Advanced e-support at Total Gas Division

Our British affiliate offers its customers a range of services to help them optimize their consumption and take advantage of market opportunities. The Automated Meter Reading service, for example, provides automated remote reading of your gas and electric meters at all of your sites. No more estimated bills are needed since the data collected is precise and comprehensive, enabling you to effectively monitor and manage your consumption.