California Valley Solar Ranch: Dynamic and responsible Solar Power

Design and construction: SunPower, Total’s solar power affiliate
Installed capacity: 250 MWac (315 MWdc)
Location: San Luis Obispo County, California, USA

number of homes supplied with electricity from the California Valley Solar Ranch
SunPower Corp. high-efficiency solar panels, California Valley Solar Ranch (CVSR) Panneaux solaires haut rendement SunPower Corp., CVSR (California Valley Solar Ranch)

Since 2013, the California Valley Solar Ranch photovoltaic power plant has fueled a vast geographic area in Northern and Central California. The 250-megawatt project, built by our SunPower affiliate for electricity supplier PG&E, is one of the largest solar power production sites in the world.

The Carrizo Plain in California sees an average of 315 sunny days per year, which makes it the ideal place to build a photovoltaic power plant. Built by our SunPower affiliate in partnership with the American renewable energy supplier NRG SOLAR, California Valley Solar Ranch (CVSR) is one of the largest solar power plants in operation.

Connected to the grid in October 2013 after two years of development and construction, SunPower’s 750,000 high-efficiency photovoltaic solar panels generate renewable electricity for California.

Following the sun with expert precision

SunPower has developed motorized systems inspired by the sunflower. Known as trackers, they help photovoltaic modules follow the position of the sun throughout the day. As a result, they are nearly 25% more efficient than fixed units.


Preserving biodiversity

Because the trackers make it possible for sun, air and rain to reach the ground below the photovoltaic panels, plantsand animals can thrive across the 1,300 hectare ranch. The measures taken on this site will serve to develop a comprehensive plan to protect species in the region.