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Total is involved in exploration and production projects all over the world. The Group’s investment priorities focus especially on four strategic sectors: the deep offshore, liquefied natural gas, unconventional gas, and extra-heavy oils and oil sands.



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 Angola LNG


The launch of the Angola LNG liquefaction complex will maximize the value of associated gas from Angola’s offshore oil fields. The project will also play a role in ensuring sustainable development in the region.

Angola LNG project description



Local content plays a major role in the CLOV deepwater development project. Nine million man-hours are being worked locally by Angolan companies.

CLOV project description

 Gina Krog (Dagny)

 Non operated

Maximizing the potential of the offshore oil and condensate gas field of Dagny contributes to the renaissance of hydrocarbon production in the Norwegian North Sea.

Gina Krog project description



The Egina project takes technology and skill transfers to a new level, giving Nigeria the full benefit of Total’s deep offshore experience and expertise.

Egina project description

 Ekofisk South

 Non operated

Drilling thirty-five new production wells on Ekofisk South will optimize hydrocarbons recovery on the mature Ekofisk field. The project demonstrates Total’s long-term commitment to Norway.

Ekofisk South project description

 Eldfisk II

 Non operated

The new facilities being installed on Eldfisk will allow the production of substantial additional reserves, while also improving the field’s oil recovery factors.

Eldfisk II project description

 Fort Hills Mine

 Non operated

The mining project currently under development at Fort Hills Mine will extract extra-heavy oil from oil sands. Production will not jeopardize the environment, thanks to exemplary measures to mitigate and remediate any environmental impacts.

Fort Hills Mine project description

 Gladstone LNG

 Non operated

In a world first, Gladstone LNG will produce Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from coal seam gas (or coalbed methane). Total is involved this pioneering project as part of a consortium, enforcing the highest stringent standards of environmental performance as befits an exemplary development.

Gladstone LNG project description


 Non operated

Ichthys is a complex, world-class project in the Liquefied Natural Gas sector. Field infrastructure will consist of a subsea multi-wells development connected to some of the largest floating processing and production/storage facilities ever built.

Ichthys project description



The development plan under study for the Ikike field will reinforce the Amenam production hub in the Niger Delta and draw on the capabilities of local contractors.

Ikike project description


 Non operated

The IMA offshore project will consolidate Total’s presence in the Nigerian gas sector while also contributing to development in the coastal communities of the Niger Delta.

IMA project description



On the Incahuasi gas project in Bolivia, complex technologies are required to successfully develop the high pressure/high temperature reservoirs buried beneath the Andes. Total possesses the necessary expertise.

Incahuasi project description

 Kaombo 1 & 2


The Kaombo offshore development currently under study in Angola is based on the use of the state-of-the-art “hybrid loop” technology for multiphase pumping and transport of fluids.

Kaombo project description



The new subsea-to-shore production and long-distance transport system deployed for the Laggan-Tormore project unlocks access to the abundant but isolated gas resources of the West-of-Shetland area.

Laggan-Tormore project description

 Martin Linge (Hild)


The innovative solutions defined to reduce CO2 emissions on the Martin Linge field open a new era of sustainable oil and gas production in the Norwegian North Sea.

Martin Linge (Hild) project description

 Moho Nord


Moho Nord marks a promising step forward in the conquest of the deep offshore in the Republic of Congo. The production hub will be developed in synergy with the local industrial base, which will play a decisive role in project implementation.

Moho Nord project description

 Ofon ph.2


The Phase 2 development of Nigeria’s Ofon field will boost production and incorporate lasting environmental improvements. On the safety front, Total is targeting “zero accidents.”

Ofon phase 2 project description

 OML-58 Upgrade


The OML-58 modernization and upgrade project will increase the capacity of the block’s production facilities and keep local communities closely involved in the project

OML-58 Upgrade project description

 EA-1 and EA-1A (Uganda)


Uganda’s first major oil deposit contains viscous crude oil and is located right near a nature conservation park. Field development is now under study. Producing these reserves will require specific enhanced recovery techniques.

The EA-1 and EA-1A projects description

 Sulige Sud

 Non operated

Total’s mastery of reservoir characterization and fracturing techniques has earned us a role in the development of China’s South Sulige field – a landmark agreement for a promising project.

South Sulige project description



The development of the Termokarstovoye gas field is calling on Total’s full scope of know-how in seismic, logistics and the management of complex projects to allow production in an extreme-cold region.

Termokarstovoye project description

 Vega Pleyade


Vega Pleyade is an offshore gas field of strategic importance located far from any existing industrial infrastructure in the unforgiving environment of Tierra del Fuego. Developing this field will demand an unmatched logistics organization.

Vega Pleyade project description

 West Franklin ph.2


Total is ideally positioned to extend the life of the Elgin/Franklin development hub by capitalizing on its know-how in deeply-buried, high-pressure/high-temperature gas (HPHT) reservoirs.

West Franklin phase 2 project description

 Yamal LNG


The Yamal LNG project currently under study will apply pioneering technologies. Deployed in partnership with Novatek, these innovations should allow production of the colossal South Tambey gas field in the extreme-cold environment of the Russian Arctic.

Yamal LNG project description

 Bonga South West

 Non operated

Total is consolidating its foothold in Nigeria’s deep offshore through its partnership in the large-scale Bonga South West project.

Bonga South West project description

 Halfaya ph.3

 Non operated

Total’s involvement in Iraq’s Halfaya project illustrates the Group’s dynamic strategy of working in partnership with national oil companies outside their home markets.

Halfaya Phase 3 project description

 Absheron ph.1


The development of the Absheron block illustrates Total’s determination to strengthen ties with Azerbaijan and exploit the country’s oil and gas resources within a long-term framework.

Absheron Azerbaïdjan project description

 Elgin – Franklin redevelopment


Total is operator on the Elgin and Franklin condensate gas fields. The planned redevelopment project should restore the production capacity to 110,000 boe/d.

Elgin - Franklin project description


 Non operated

Total has expertise in thermal production techniques. Since 1999, it has partnered the Surmont oil sands project in Canada, which uses Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) to recover bitumen.

Surmont Canada project description

 The Libra Project in Brazil

 Non operated

In October 2013, Total was awarded a 20% participating interest in the Libra field, the largest pre-salt discovery in Brazil's Santos Basin. This stake in a very profitable development secures our oil production for the medium term.

Libra project description



Kazakhstan's giant strategic field is one of the most complex projects ever undertaken by the oil industry. Launched in 2004, its development under extreme conditions required the use of exceptional and unusual resources and the implementation of large-scale innovative solutions.

Kashagan project description