Promoting Diversity and Openness


At Total, we believe that a fulfilling work environment is a key performance driver. Our human resources policies are therefore shaped by such core values as diversity, equal opportunity, mobility, dialogue and skills development. This approach enables us to attract and retain top talent worldwide.

We offer career opportunities in a wide range of fields, from geology and R&D to sales and marketing and logistics. By providing open-ended career paths and facilitating skills development, we can attract the most talented people from a wide variety of cultural and educational backgrounds, from entry-level candidates to experienced professionals.

As a result, we hire close to 10,000 people every year, of which 90% outside France, and have 150 different nationalities represented in our workforce.

An Approach Shaped by Strong Values

Our goal is to foster the professional growth and development of all our employees. That’s why our human resources policies are built around four fundamental values:

  • Diversity of backgrounds, culture and education, which gives us a variety of viewpoints to better predict trends and changes in a globalized world.
  • Mobility, so that our employees can transfer to new jobs, segments or countries and achieve their personal career goals.
  • Fairness, grounded in individually determined compensation, outstanding employee benefits and a progressive policy to promote employee share ownership. 
  • Accountability and responsibility, through our daily actions around the world and an unflagging focus on ethics, safety and sustainable development.

A Simplified, Transparent Recruitment Process

From our very first meeting with candidates, we create an atmosphere conducive to dialogue and communicate our values. Our recruitment process varies by country and segment, but is based on a common foundation:

Our recruitment process varies by country and segment, but shares a number of core steps and principles:

  • Our job openings are centralized and accessible to all at a single website,
  • A series of interviews is organized for each open position, with human resources professionals, professional discipline managers and line managers.

A Commitment to Combating Discrimination

At Total, we take concrete steps to promote gender equality in the workplace

  • In 2015, some 18.6% of our senior executives were women, and we want to further increase their number while focusing on skills-based criteria. To achieve this, we offer various training courses that help our female employees move up the career ladder. 
  • We also encourage young women to major in technical fields and choose technical careers.
As part of our day-to-day routine, we implement numerous measures to support the hiring and retention of disabled people. In France, we signed a framework agreement in this area in 2006 and have undertaken various initiatives since then. They include:
  • Participating in dedicated recruitment events, such as job fairs, job dating, handicafés and purpose-specific chat rooms, and forging a partnership with the Hanploi association, which offers services tailored to the needs of disabled applicants.
  • Offering more internships and work-study contracts for apprenticeships and skills acquisition programs.
  • Providing work schedule adjustments, internal transfers and training to accommodate the needs of disabled employees.

Demonstrating our strong commitment to equal opportunity, 

we have signed a number of agreements, including the following:

  • French Diversity Charter (2004) (only in French).
  • Europe-Wide Equal Opportunity Agreement (2005). 
  • Agreement to Promote Hiring of the Disabled (2006).
  • Business Charter for Equal Opportunity in Education (2006) in France.
  • French government-initiated Plan Espoir Banlieues to help underprivileged youth enter the job market (2008).
  • Parental Rights Charter (2008).

A Concerted Effort to Encourage Employee Dialogue

Fostering industrial relations is a cornerstone of our human resources policies and we participate in creating forums for dialogue all over the world. Examples include:

  • The European Works Council,  which provides a structured forum for information, discussion and consensus-building on such topics as our strategy, our competitive position and our social, business and financial situation, as well as employment and transfers of operations.
  • The European Social Platform, created in 2004, which fosters employee dialogue within the organization. Its responsibilities include promoting jobs and skills planning and verifying the implementation of restructuring plans. 

Local initiatives

At Total E&P Cameroun, a Committee of Wise Men elected by all personnel regularly offers its opinion on issues relating to the affiliate.

Total E&P Indonésie provides office space and equipment to the local labor union SPNTI for its monthly five-hour meeting during work hours.
In Nigeria, a Joint Consultative Committee discusses working conditions, safety problems and other employee welfare issues.

Listening to our employees is the first step in fostering constructive social dialogue. That's why every two years we conduct the Total Survey, to measure their satisfaction and engagement and identify avenues for improvement.


  • Better energy is our shared goal.

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    Better energy is our shared goal.

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