The Ethics Committee, Champion of the Code of Conduct

The Ethics Committee is responsible for creating conditions to help our employees embrace the principles of the Code of Conduct and making sure its principles are applied by everyone in their day-to-day work. It is also responsible for presenting and promoting ethics policies, especially in the areas of free competition, anti-corruption and respect for human rights.

Listening and Helping to Promote Ethical Conduct

The Ethics Committee makes sure that Total’s Code of Conduct, which expresses our ethical principles and practices, is shared and understood.

The Committee listens and provides assistance to allow individual employees to discuss any topic related to implementing or complying with the Code of Conduct.

It makes sure that our affiliates implement the principles set out in the Code of Conduct.

A Committee Open to All

Total employees may refer an issue to the Ethics Committee to :

  • Ask a question or request advice regarding the application of or compliance with the Code of Conduct; 
  • Report anything showing serious risks in the areas of accounting, banking, financial audit, combating corruption or respecting competition law.
Likewise, any individual from outside Total may refer such questions to the Ethics Committee.
Contact the Ethics Committee

Members and Procedures

The Ethics Committee meets at least once a month. Its decisions are made unanimously.

Reporting directly to the Chairman & CEO, its seven members are well versed in our businesses and business lines. They include a chairman, a person responsible for ethics policies and five employees, each delegated by a Total business segment. The members have reached a point in their careers that allows them to exercise the independent judgment and thinking vital to carrying out the Ethics Committee's mission.

To fulfill its responsibilities effectively, the Committee works closely with the departments and divisions concerned at the corporate level and in our business segments. The departments and divisions in question include Legal Affairs, Compliance & Corporate Social Responsibility, Internal Control & Audit, Sustainable Development & Environment, Finance, Corporate Security and Human Resources.

Finally, the Ethics Committee's Chairman presents an annual report to our Executive Committee and Board of Directors.


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    Our mission is to responsibly enable as many people as possible to access energy.

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    We meet our responsibilities to society by applying our fundamental principles in everything we do.

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